Can I prepare for ACET in one month and QUALIFY?

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I keep getting this question just before the last month of every ACET exam, whether a student can prepare for ACET in one month and pass the exam. Sometimes, the caller/student is not bothered about passing but wants to know if he stands a chance to make a nice attempt after one month of preparation. Most of the times, this question is asked by working professionals who register for ACET to become student member but could not find the time to prepare for the exam.

I want to say NO each time to such query, but I try to understand the educational background of the student and then analyse his chances of passing ACET.

ACET has two subjects and a student is tested on the knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics. It is a multiple choice questions test of 2 hours. There are 55 questions and there is negative marking for wrong answers. Most of the syllabus topics are from courses that you have studied in 11th and 12th standards. But it is not just about knowing algebra and calculus. You have to attempt 55 standard problems in 2 hours and ensure that there are minimum wrong answers. Some of the problems are pretty straight, but there are questions which need you to comprehend and then apply the required concepts e.g., Application of Derivatives, Probability Distribution Problems etc. The pass rate is much better for those students who are appearing for ACET soon after their 10 + 2. But for working professionals, passing ACET is still a dreadful task. The main reason is not being able to devote enough quality time towards the preparation. There is no substitute for hard work. Hence, any student can pass the exam if he has understood concepts, worked enough problems and form a strategy to manage time.

Student should not wait for the last month to start his preparation. It is important to prepare for exam on regular basis to increase your chances of passing that exam. ACET is the first step towards a highly numerate career. There are many more difficult exams which a student has to clear in CT series and then in ST series. It is best to develop a habit of providing 3 – 4 months of time to prepare for the exam.

I have listed some of the steps that students can follow in 3 months:

Understanding and Revising Concepts

You should go through the textbooks/study material multiple times and improve you conceptual understanding of the subject. Start with solving of questions given in the foundation course and statistics pack chapters and then move to the question bank.

Practice more Problems

You should practice more and more problems. Use the question bank available in the market for similar subjects which can help you to gain more confidence about different types of problems.

Practice Mock Exams

You must put yourself to the exam like situation and attempt Mock Exams. It helps you to manage time and improve your chance to qualify.

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