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Overall Rating: Outstanding

Gaurabh.PatodiaI would begin by saying that Vikram sir and Bestlife have been a great source of inspiration for me. I remember when I first joined the Actuary course, I was scared looking at all the quantitative stuff. I am a CFA and I was thinking about when I touched them last. But soon all my worries ended when I began attending Sir’s classes. His teaching style is such that it suits all kind of students. He makes sure that each student is able to understand the concepts and even makes extra effort for students who are facing difficulty. I really hats off him for that … :). I have seen many teachers being very professional and not caring about whether a student is understanding concepts or not after getting the money. I found ACET Guru totally different in this regard. Sir tries to ensure that every student is able to understand the concepts and he even give extra classes for guys facing problem with the syllabus.
Vikram sir’s concept of daily class is really nice as it not only ensures that we learn concepts in bits and pieces daily but also help us to be in regular touch with studies. I think this is very much a unique concept which I found. I recall those days when I used to take coaching for my other professional exams and how I used to face problem with teachers going through the big junk concepts in just 1-2 classes per week. I used to end up time scratching my head at home. The online class helped me to get small concepts daily and I cant remember spending much time at home recalling those concepts. Being a working guy I always found this to my advantage and it helped to prepare for ACET in short time.
I remember my other professional exams days where syllabus used to get over just few days before exam and I used to be under total chaos on what to revise and how to revise stuffs. With ACET Guru, Sir completed our syllabus almost one month (even before that) before the ACET exam and made us familiar with the exam type questions. Completion of syllabus well before time helped me a lot to plan my revision much better and made sure I was more confident when I was appearing for my ACET exam. Mock test helped me a lot to understand how questions can be framed in exam and also boosted my confidence in regards to exam preparation.
I remember when I joined actuaries for ACET exam I was hoping that I just clear the ACET exam somehow. ACET Guru helped me enormously and I still remember me telling sir after that exam that it went “Good” which I never thought I would be able to say at the time of joining the Actuaries programme. This is the difference it made to me…!!! I would definitely recommend ACET Guru not only because of exceptional class structure and teaching pattern, but also because of sir being an exceptional human being and his love towards each student which I never noticed with any other teacher before. Bestlife rocks..!!!!

Improvement suggestion:

I would like to suggest following points:
1. I hope video recordings of classes also be made available pretty soon for students who miss their live class. This would help them to join the next class where they left.
2. I really found assignments given by Vikram Sir very challenging. I would like to see sir coming up with a ACET book/study-material which would complies all those assignments.

Rating for the instructor: Outstanding


Note by Admin: This is a ACET Coaching Testimonial by Gaurabh Patodia. He has cleared Actuarial Common Entrance Test in July 2012. He has passed the exam in first attempt. He has got exemptions for most of the Core Technical subjects and is preparing for Core Application exams of Institute of Actuaries of India/UK.

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